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Ben WEBSTER & Kenny DREW Trio – My Romance; Live in Denmark March 4, 1965

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Ben WEBSTER & Kenny DREW Trio – My Romance; Live in Denmark March 4, 1965


Ben Webster live with the Kenny Drew Trio (the house band at the Jazzhus Montmartre). Good sound. Recorded in Copenhagen, Denmark, March 4, 1965.  A record with the same name (My Romance) is available in the series Jazz Hour with, but it is completely diferent to this, much more difficult to find.

Ben Webster- Tenor Sax
Kenny Drew- Piano
Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen- Bass
Alex Riel- Drums
01. Pennies from Heaven (Burke, Johnston) 6:09
02. Blues in B Flat (Webster) 4:48
03. My Romance (Hart, Rodgers) 6:45
04. In a Mellow Tone (Ellington, Gabler) 7:17
05. How Long Has This Been Going On? (Gershwin, Gershwin) 7:01
06. Sunday (Conn, Krueger, Miller, Styne) 4:16

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Kenny DREW Trio – Piano Night 2000

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Kenny DREW Trio – Piano Night 2000
Recorded Live in Kurtheather Baden Switzerland 1992-05-20


Modern jazz,hard rice popular pianist, Kenny Drew, called the live performance before his death, drew a posthumous album is released as unpublished.
Pedersen, Queen and Kenny Drew regular tree had grown from a million years come.
In combination with a lot of excellent work from the 1970s Niels Pedersen, pianist Kenny Drew Black has published a blockbuster. Later in his life met the virtuoso drummer Alvin Queen, he heard a piano playing a good chunk Toriorashii. The late virtuoso drummer Alvin Queen welcomed. This work in 1992, recorded live in Switzerland. This performance is also going to swing naturally without Mino Tsutomu little, but still impressive and very casual, sit down and playing a good sense of stability and regular presence feelings. This performance can not continue to swing naturally Mino Tsutomu little, but still impressive and very casual, sit down and enjoy playing a good sense of stability and regular presence Raivurashii Gurupurashii. Too intimate song selection is the work I recommend for beginners. Selection is also friendly,
By Gotou Makoto.
Kenny Drew was born in New York City in August 1928th He died in London on 4th August 1993.
Only five years old he started to go to classical piano with a private teacher and eight-year-old gave his first concert.
This early background is equivalent to Bud Powell. Bud Powell later became his main inspiration as a jazz pianist.
After the 12-year-old to have grown Fats Waller, it was Art Tatum, Teddy Wilson, he listened to.
Drew was a student currently at the High School of Music and Art known as gripping boogie woogie man. But the stage had gone through in his exam.
His first album was recorded in late 1949 with particular Howard McGhee, Brew Moore and J.J. Johnson.
In 50-s he became a sought after as a studio musician of today’s biggest names – Coleman Hawkins, Lester Young and Charlie Parker.
After a few years in Los Angeles, where he succeeded as leader of a quartet, he returned to New York.
In 1957 he was accompanist to Dinah Washington and recorded with John Coltrane the monumental masterpiece “Blue Train”.
In 1961 he moved to Paris where he made his name as a big name. In 1964 he chose to move to Copenhagen, where he was captured by the dynamic environment around Jazzhus Montmartre.
He stayed in London until his death in 1993.
Kenny Drew- Piano,
Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen- Bbass,
Alvin Queen- Drums
01. In Your Own Sweet Way In Your Own Sweet Way   12:01
02. It Might As Well Be Spring It Might As Well Be Spring   9:15
03. Bluesology Bluesology   8:56
04. Samba Petite Samba Petite   6:14
05. Yesterdays Yesterdays   7:11
06. My Shining Hour My Shining Hour   9:05
07. St. St. Thomas Thomas   4:45

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