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Louisiana Men – Back To Nothing From A Broken Heart 2010

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Louisiana Men – Back To Nothing From A Broken Heart 2010


This is a gem !
A double CD of twelve songs on each disc that show the atmosphere of the Mississippi Delta .
If you tire Louisiana Men do not know , you’d think it was a trio that comes from that region , but nothing is further from the truth . The men were born and raised in a completely different delta , that of the Low Countries , or Netherlands .
If the instruments mentioned then one can perhaps imagine the sound of this group .
Harmonica , dobro , bajo Sexto , washboard , guitar and percussion . Cajun / zydeco in true Louisiana style make listening to these CD’s a delight .
Besides the instruments, the vocals very nicely .
The gentlemen , Hans ” Homesick ” de Vries , Alex Siegers Show Ekkers and have the title song in three different versions put on the plate , where there is a mutual time difference of over twenty years.
There are many live recordings were performed , plus previously unreleased songs and some newly recorded tracks. The atmosphere is wonderful and the music has a real ” Louisiana Swamp ” color.
The music seems simple , but perhaps because it is certainly not easy for the good atmosphere at the plate to get to know the men indeed live a good view to bringing this wonderfully relaxing and often cheerful music. Sometimes a little soul, sometimes a little rhythm & blues and especially cajun / zydeco .

” Going down down to the river ” a Ray Charles song is beautifully rendered , while the demo recording of ‘ Broken Heart ‘ starring , in 2005 the deceased John Lagrand harmonica , a real gem .
The critics have praised everywhere and I can really only one thing to add : You are right, the music is extremely inspiring, exciting and energetic ! It is again time for the other CDs to listen once again .
By Ger van Eldik.
Who knows now singer , harmonica player , guitarist and percussionist Hans de Vries aka ” Homesick “is not , under more pseudonyms working frontman formerly the Backstabbers , Louisiana Radio and now the last years Louisiana Men Toon Ekkers , vocals and guitar and Alex Siegers , percussion and vocals to see and hear .
Since the early 70 of the last century with his band at almost all stages in the Netherlands stood still and he does it .
In many cases went on to live performances or a recorder along and over the years , there is a beautiful palette created with impressions , adventures and fine songs from all these different formations are ” bundled “on two CDs with a beautiful three – part cover all information.
Beating heart of this double album is the title track of these three different versions . Between first and last version is more than 20 years and is the sounding result of a long career!
The live recordings will witness such a thrilling version of Going Down To The River by Ray Charles , but also an equally convincing on blues harmonica zydecalypso . ( Ti Zydeco )
Specifically, the demo recording from 1988 of the prize song Broken Heart , with a leading role for the deceased in 2005 Lagrand harmonica giant John , to whom the number is assigned .
In the studio inspired performance of some sharp blues songs , the trio rises above himself . The band rediscovers himself under the pseudonym Novanex Johnny And The Power Generators, no bass , with just guitar , harmonica and drums is a compelling sound that is put down as a house .
Remarkably, then change to include a performance of Back Home to Me by Art Neville which only one bass and blues harp accompany the powerful three -part vocals .
Yes , this is what we call Southern Soul! Back to Nothing , Back to the Roots .
The album is exciting , full of energy , the songs tumbling over each other if it were allowed to get heard. Harmonica lovers are well catered for , the blues harp is omnipresent on this album , but its use is functional and tasteful.
Louisiana It took two years been a multitrack recorder along to concert venues , including the Amer in Amen and Cambrinus in Horst . The band eventually chose from that recorded seven songs for this album .
The blue tinted studio supplement comes from the sleeve of DeVries , has long been known Jimmy Reed adept . A guest appearance in two tracks to play for his former band Louisiana Radio , and what do you do when you have so many beautiful things on the shelf you are . Then it’s a double !
Nothing is back to the 15th album by Hans de Vries earlier recordings with such Homesick & the Backstabbers and said Louisiana Radio.
“Dishing up just as easily rhythm’n’blues, as well as zydeco and a-capella gospel music, these guys provide plenty ingredients for a tasty night out. Topped up with flavours of fabulous harmony vocals, spicy percussion and Dobro-hot-sauce, their concert is a true delight …”
You might wonder, how come Dutch guys find their inspiration in Louisiana music ? Would you dig it if we claim it’s because both are delta-countries and these ‘Louisiana Men’ are just born in the wrong one ? Well let us take you on a tour through the swamps of Louisiana and the Mississippi Delta and taste our spicey music gumbo.
Hans de Vries – aka Homesick – released already five albums with his former band Louisiana Radio and toured intensively throughout Europe. He shared the stage with names like Willy Deville, Dr. John, and Los Lobos. (see biography)
With Alex Siegers – percussion, vocals – and Toon Ekkers – guitar, vocals – Homesick once more got powerful mates who feed in their own musical experience. No matter if it’s singing in three-part harmony or the goosebumps creating leadvocals of Alex Siegers: when Toon Ekkers adds his Texas Telecaster pure magic is the outcome. Together they are authentic and alive like the south, like Louisiana itself.
Cd 1
01. Louisiana 1927 2:36
02. Back Home To Me (feat. The Basic Men) 1:43
03. How Long 2:05
04. (From A Broken Heart) Back To Nothing 3:58
05. Hip y Tayo 3:27
06. Hey Hey Hey Baby (feat. Johnny Novanex & The Power Generators) 2:39
07. Feet Don’t Fail Me Now (feat. The Basic Men) 1:49
08. Going Down To The River 3:53
09. I’m A Love You 2:44
10. Nobody’s Fault But Mine 2:48
11. Jigsaw Puzzle 1:49
12. Aha Yeah Yeah 0:44

Cd 2
01. From Nothing To a Broken Heart (previously unreleased) 3:53
02. How Long 2:49
03. I Want Ya & I Love Ya 2:49
04. Bit By Bit 3:16
05. From Nothing To A Broken Heart (previously unreleased demo) 4:12
06. She Do Not Want Me No More 3:12
07. ┬┤Ti Zydeco 3:44
08. See That My Grave Is Kept Clean 3:13
09. My Creole Belle 2:07
10. Little Lisa Jane 4:11
11. Ev’thing Gon’be Alright 2:12
12. Nobody’s Fault – The Procession 4:00

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