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Carey & Lurrie BELL – Dynasty! 1990

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Carey & Lurrie BELL – Dynasty! 1990


You have to hear it to believe it. Father & son at their best all Carey & Lurrie Bell should be rated high. I have all of the Carey Bell cd’s, his second cd (Last Night) is the only weak one, a great collection for any harp lover. The vocals are also great, Lurrie’s guitar is just the style I like, a nice song selection too.
By Ronnie Cowlishaw Sr.
Carey Bell- Harmonica,Vocals
Lurrie Bell- Guitar,vocals
Pete Allen- Vocals,Guitar
Tyson Bell- Bass
James Bell- Drums
Guitar – Lurrie Bell, Pete Allen
Steve Bell- Harmonica
Jerry Soto- Organ
01. Brought Up The Hard Way 5:59
02. (I Shoulda Did) What My Mama Told Me 4:18
03. Sail On 5:52
04. I’ll Be Your 44 4:16
05. The Gladys Shuffle 6:08
06. I Need You So Bad 3:13
07. 1215 W. Belmont 1:45
08. Second Hand Man 6:18
09. New Harp In Town 3:24
10. Going Back To Louisiana 5:58
11. No Picks 2:33
12. I Don’t Need No Woman 8:19

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Carey BELL & Lurrie BELL – Goin' on Main Street 1982

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Carey BELL & Lurrie BELL – Goin’ on Main Street 1982


Originally recorded for Germany’s L+R label in 1982, this studio date for Carey Bell’s Blues Harp Band finds the group stretching out on seven lengthy blues jams. Son Lurrie Bell contributes some nice licks, including a tortured solo to close out a nearly ten-minute version of “I Am Worried,” and other son Carey Bell Jr. anchors the rhythm section on electric bass.
By John Bush. AMG.
Carey Bell– Vocals & Harmonica
Lurrie Bell– Vocals & Guitar
Elisha ‘Eli’ Murray– Guitar
Tom Zydron– Keyboards
Carey Bell Jr.– Bass Guitar
Theodore ‘Dino’ Davies– Drums
Hubert Sumlin– Guitar
Bob Stroger– Bass
Odie Payne Jr– Drums
Phil Wiggins– Harmonica
01. Goin’ on Main Street (3:55)
02. I Am Worried (9:40)
03. Heartaches and Pain (6:27)
04. Easy To Love You (7:27)
05. Train Ticket (4:40)
06. When a Woman Get in Trouble (6:23)
07. Tribute To Big Walter (4:13)
08. I Need You So Bad (7:21)
09. Man and The Blues (7:03)

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