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Mahsa VAHDAT and Mighty Sam McCLAIN – Scent Of Reunion, Love Duets Across Civilizations 2009

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Mahsa VAHDAT and Mighty Sam McCLAIN – Scent Of Reunion, Love Duets Across Civilizations 2009


Scent of reunion, where the Norwegian guitar master Knut Reiersrud and a band of some of Norway’s finest musicians joined by Mahsa Vahdat from Iran and the American blues singer Mighty Sam McClain to perform live the songs from the brand new record Scent of reunion: love duets across civilizations. This project is producer Erik Hillestad’s latest effort in his series of recordings aimed at bridging political divides with music.
Love knows no boundaries. Nothing on earth can stop lovers from reaching out to each other. Differences in culture or faith cannot prevent them from attempting to unite across the barriers the world’s political powers erect.
The new Album “Scent of Reunion” ( Love duets across civilications) will be  released by Kirkelig Kulturverksted on September sung by Mahsa Vahdat from Iran and Mighty Sam Mcclain from US .
Featured on the “Scent of Reunion” CD,  are Knut Reiersrud and Jarle Bernhoft arrangements, guitars and electrical piano. On double bass, vibraphone, piano and trumpet ? Mathias Eick, on drums ? Rune Arnesen and on the ney flute ? Pasha Hanjani from Tehran.
The Farsi Lyrics is by well known painter and poet Mohammah Ebrahim Jafari and English lyrics is by Norwegian poet and producor  Erik Hillestad .
One of the songs from the album (Silent song )  has been dedicated to all Nedas and Sohrabs in Iran .
01. Meditating Over A Photo  04:27
02. Imprints  06:49
03. Ambassador Of Hearts  06:00
04. So Blue  05:50]
05. Earth  05:50
06. Flowers No None Has Ever Se  05:34
07. Migratory Bird  05:06
08. Born  04:44
09. My Kingdom Is You  04:12
10. Silent Song  06:39


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