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Mark HUMMEL's – Blues Harp Meltdown (Vols. I,II,II) 2001

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Mark HUMMEL’s – Blues Harp Meltdown (Vols. I,II,II) 2001


Harmonica player, songwriter and singer Mark Hummel is a practitioner of the West Coast blues style, which typically includes elements of jazz and swing. A seasoned bandleader, Hummel is finally beginning to achieve wider recognition through nearly constant touring. Hummel was born in New Haven, Connecticut but raised in Los Angeles, California. He became fascinated with the blues-rock of Cream, Jimi Hendrix, Big Brother and the Holding Company and the Rolling Stones. After seeing songwriter credits on the albums, he began to dig further back into those bands’ blues roots. He began playing harmonica in his teens in order to be different from the huge pack of guitar players in his high school. Hummel studied the styles of the Chicago-based players, including James Cotton, Sonny Boy Williamson, Big Walter “Shakey” Horton and Little Walter Jacobs. Hummel moved to Berkeley, California in 1972 and played with local bluesmen there, including Boogie Jake, Cool Papa, Johnny Waters and Sonny Lane. After graduating high school, he hitchhiked around the country for three years, making stops in New Orleans, Boston and Chicago to learn from those cities’ top players. In 1980, he formed the Blues Survivors, who have since performed at numerous blues festivals around the U.S., including the Chicago Blues Festival and the San Francisco Blues Festival. Hummel has released a number of self-produced albums around his Oakland, California home, including Playing In Your Town (1985, Rockinitis Records), Up & Jumpin’ (with Canadian guitarist Sue Foley, 1989-90), and Hard Lovin’ (1992, Double Trouble Records). His widely available albums include Feel Like Rockin’ (1994, Flying Fish Records), Married To The Blues (1995, Flying Fish), and most recently, Heart of Chicago (1997, Tone-Cool/Rounder), an album recorded in Chicago on which Hummel is accompanied by some veteran Chicago sidemen, including drummer Willie “Big Eyes” Smith, guitarist Dave Myers and producer/guitarist Steve Freund. Considered one of the top harmonica players in the U.S., Hummel has also judged and played in the Hohner Harmonica World Championships, held in Germany; he issued Low Down to Uptown in 1998. Golden State Blues was next, released on new label Electro-Fi with support from Hummel’s usual backing band, the Blues Survivors.
By Richard Skelly, All Music Guide.
Mark Hummel’s – Blues Harp Meltdown (Vol. 1)

Billy Branch- (Vocals),(Harmonica),
R.J. Mischo- (Vocals),(Harmonica),
James Harman- (Harmonica),(Vocals),
Rick Estrin- (Harmonica),(Vocals),
Kim Wilson- (Vocals),(Harmonica),
Mark Hummel- (Harmonica),(Vocals),
Junior Watson- (Guitar),
Mike Carino- (Bass),
June Core- (Drums),
Steve Wolf- (Bass)
CD 1

01.You Messed Up- RJ Mischo   (6:13)
02.Sleepin’ in the Ground- Sam Myers  (8:40)
03.Gary Smith Intro by Mark Hummel
04.You’re So Fine   (5:26)
05.Gary Smith Comments
06.Elevate Me Mama- John Lee “Sonny Boy” Williamson Gary Smith (6:46)
07.Minor Mambo Intro
08.Minor Mambo- Gary Smith Gary Smith (5:29)
10.They Don’t Want Me to Rock- Buddy Johnson Mark Hummel (3:38)
11.Can’t Judge Nobody-  Mark Hummel (6:49)
12.Humblebug- Mark Hummel (7:47)
CD 2

01.Mark Hummel – Billy Branch Intro (0:36)
02.Billy Branch – Billy’s Boogie (3:22)
03.Eyesight to the Blind- Rice Miller Billy Branch (8:34)
04.Blues Keep Following Me Around- Carl Weathersby Billy Branch (9:19)
05.Billy Branch – James Harman Intro (0:18)
06.Helsinki Laundromat Blues- James Harman James Harman (9:39)
07.James Harman – Harman’s Comments (0:44)
08.Back Door Rhumba- James Harman James Harman (7:47)
09.James Harman – Rick Estrin Intro (0:25)
10.Rick Estrin – Rick Estrin’s Comments (O:13)
11.Your Gonna Need My Help-  Rick Estrin (7:59)
12.Rick Estrin – Estrin’s Rap (2:09)
13.Work With Me- Rice Miller Rick Estrin (7:10)
14.Rick Estrin – Kim Wilson Intro (0:51)
15.Kim Wilson – Don’t Loose Your Eye (9:13)
16.Just a Dream-  Kim Wilson (5:49)

Mark Hummel – Blues Harp Meltdown Vol.2
East Meets West Live at Moe’s Alley

Gary Primich- (Harmonica),(Vocals),
Mark Hummel- (Vocals),(Harmonica),
Annie Raines- (Vocals),(Harmonica),
Paul Rishell- (Vocals),(Guitar),(Slide Guitar),
Steve Wolf- (Bass),
R.J. Mischo- (Harmonica),(Vocals),
Frank “Paris Slim” Goldwasser- (Guitar),(Vocals),(Harmonica),
June Core- (Drums),
Mike Carino- (Bass).
Cd 1

01.Telephone Blues-  R.J. Mischo (6:50)
02.Moe’s Blues-  R.J. Mischo (5:44)
03.You Can’t Hurt Me No More- Nick Gravenites Gary Smith (6:02)
04.Story Telling Woman-  Gary Smith (6:36)
05.It Ain’t Right-  Gary Smith (4:48)
06.Intro  Frank “Paris Slim” Goldwasser (:21)
07.All These Blues-  Frank “Paris Slim” Goldwasser (4:31)
08.Intro  Mark Hummel (:10)
09.Seven Nights to Rock-  Mark Hummel (5:07)
10.I’m Gone- Mark Hummel Mark Hummel (5:28)
11.Love Shock- Aaron Willis Mark Hummel (7:25)
12.Nothing But the Devil-  Paul Rishell, Annie Raines, Paul & Annie (9:28)
Cd 2

01.Intro  Paul Rishell, Annie Raines, Paul & Annie (:10)
02.Even Good Women Have Bad Days-  Paul Rishell, Annie Raines, Paul & Annie (4:22)
03.Little Dog- Paul Rishell, Annie Raines Paul Rishell, Annie Raines, Paul & Annie (3:59)
04.Annie’s Rocker-  Paul Rishell, Annie Raines, Paul & Annie (5:24)
05.Intro  Johnny Dyer (:14)
06.Everything Gonna Be All Right-  Johnny Dyer (4:09)
07.Mojo Boogie- J.B. Lenoir Johnny Dyer (4:52)
08.Long Distance Call-  Johnny Dyer (4:48)
09.Blow Wind-  Johnny Dyer (5:58)
10.Intro  Gary Primich (:10)
11.Real Gone Lover Dave- Bartholomew Gary Primich (4:15)
12.Can’t Stand You When You’re Drinking-  Gary Primich (6:24)
13.Playgirl-  Gary Primich (3:55)
14.Primich Song Intro-  Gary Primich (:16)
15.Ain’t She Trouble-  Gary Primich (5:15)
16.Goodbye Intro  Gary Primich (:51)
17.Goodbye Little Girl- Deadric Malone Gary Primich (5:02)

Mark Hummel’s – Blues Harp Meltdown Vol. 3

Carey Bell- (Vocals),(Harmonica),
Bob Welsh- (Guitar),(Piano),
Mark Hummel- (Harmonica),(Vocals),
Steve Freund- (Guitar),(Vocals),
John Cephas- (Vocals),(Guitar),
Steve Wolf- (Bass),
Phil Wiggins- (Harmonica),
Willie “Big Eyes” Smith- (Vocals),(Drums),(Harmonica).
Cd 1

01.Introduction-  Mark Hummel (:06)
02.Where Y’at-  Mark Hummel (5:26)
03.City Livin’-  Mark Hummel (9:14)
04.My Kind of Baby – Mark Hummel (4:38)
05.Rollercoaster-  Mark Hummel (4:30)
06.My Little Playhouse- Steve Freund (5:20)
07.Done You Wrong-  Steve Freund (7:38)
08.Hoodoo Man Blues-   (5:02)
09.Piedmont Blues Jam- John Cephas Cephas & Wiggins (3:49)
10.Big Boss Man-  Cephas & Wiggins (4:57)
11.Going to the River-  Cephas & Wiggins (5:46)
12.Walkin’ Blues Traditional- Cephas & Wiggins (6:17)
13.Broke & Hungry-  Cephas & Wiggins (3:35)
CD 2

01.Introduction-  Carey Bell (:14)
02.Dirty Shame- C. Bell Carey Bell (5:19)
03.It Ain’t Right-  Carey Bell (3:41)
04.I Shudda Did What My Mama Told Me- C. Bell Carey Bell (5:45)
05.When I Get Drunk-  Carey Bell (5:52)
06I’m Ready Willie- Dixon Carey Bell (4:38)
07.Too Bad, Too Bad- C. Bell Carey Bell (6:19)
08.One Day- C. Bell Carey Bell (5:32)
09.Instrumental- Alley Rock  Lazy Lester (2:23)
10.Blues Stop Knocking-  Lazy Lester (4:43)
11.Bloodstains on the Wall-  Lazy Lester (3:59)
12.Nothing in This World-  Lazy Lester (3:04)
13.Raning in My Heart-  Lazy Lester (6:27)
14.Jambalaya-  Lazy Lester (6:24)
15.Sugar Coated Love- Jay Miller Lazy Lester (3:01)
16.Hummel’s Sign Off-  Lazy Lester (:27)

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