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James COTTON Blue Band & Mike BLOOMFIELD – Taking Care of Business 1970

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James COTTON Blue Band & Mike BLOOMFIELD – Taking Care of Business 1970
LP ST-814


As aforementioned an often overlooked lost gem.Surprising when you look at the stellar lineup of musicians involved.
I.E. Mike Bloomfield,Johnny Winter,Matt Murphy,Dom Troiano,Todd Rundgren,Ritchie Heyward,David Sanborn
Highlight for myself is album closer “Georgia Swing” where we get a chance too hear Bloomfield/Winter together.
At his high-energy 1970s peak as a bandleader, James Cotton was a bouncing, sweaty, whirling dervish of a bluesman, roaring his vocals and all but sucking the reeds right out of his defenseless little harmonicas with his prodigious lung power. Due to throat problems, Cotton’s vocals are no longer what they used to be, but he remains a masterful instrumentalist.

Michael Bloomfield was one of America’s first great white blues guitarists, earning his reputation on the strength of his work in the Paul Butterfield Blues Band. His expressive, fluid solo lines and prodigious technique graced many other projects — most notably Bob Dylan’s earliest electric forays — and he also pursued a solo career, with variable results. Uncomfortable with the reverential treatment afforded a guitar hero, Bloomfield tended to shy away from the spotlight after spending just a few years in it; he maintained a lower-visibility career during the ’70s due to his distaste for fame and his worsening drug problems, which claimed his life in 1981.
By Steve Huey.
Ralph Schuckett- Piano
Steve Madaio- Horn
Brother Gene Dinwiddie- Horn
David Sanborn- Horn
Venerit Simms- Vocals
Ronelle Stafford- Vocals
Deirdre Tuck Corley- Vocals
Cissy Houston- Vocals
Tom Cosgrove- Vocals
Mark “Moogy” Klingman- Keyboards, Vocals
Todd Rundgren- Guitar, Percussion, Vocals
Johnny Winter- Guitar
Don Triano- Guitar
Domenic Troiano- Guitar
Michael Bloomfield- Guitar
James Cotton- Harmonica, Vocals
Matt “Guitar” Murphy- Guitar
Stu Woods- Bass
N.D. Smart- Drums
Joel O’Brien- Drums
Richie Hayward- Drums
A1. The Sky Is Falling   3:57
A2. Long Distance Operator   5:20
A3. I’m a Free Man   2:34
A4. Can’t Live Without Love   4:24
A5. Kiddy Boy   4:03
B1. She Moves Me   4:25
B2. Tonight I Wanna Love Me a Stranger   3:08
B3. Nose Open   4:02
B4. Goodbye My Lady   3:05
B5. Georgia Swing   4:48

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