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Hamiet BLUIETT And Muhal Richard ABRAMS – Saying Something For All 1977

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Hamiet BLUIETT And Muhal Richard ABRAMS – Saying Something For All 1977
Recorded live at The Environ Club, New York in 1977.
1998 Issue.JAM 9134-2


This CD can easily be divided into two parts. The first four selections are duets between Hamiet Bluiett (who is heard on baritone sax, flute, and soprano clarinet) and pianist Muhal Richard Abrams. In general, Abrams takes a supporting role, but the chemistry is simply not there between these two avant-garde masters. Much of the music seems a bit self-indulgent, particularly Bluiett’s improvisation on Saying Something for All. Of much greater interest are the final two selections, both of which are unaccompanied baritone sax solos. Solo Flight is from the same concert as the duets, while Requiem for Kent State is from two years later. The latter is particularly wide-ranging, going through several themes and showing Bluiett’s connection to the jazz tradition while being quite unpredictable. If the rest of the CD was of the same quality, this disc would be essential.
By Scott Yanow. AMG.
Hamiet Bluiett is the unsung hero of the jazz avant garde. Having played with Mingus, David Murray, Oliver Lake and Julius Hemphill just to name a few, his talents go mostly unnoticed. This cd, recorded live captures Hamiet at his most intense featuring a riveting baritone sax solo on “Requeim For Kent State” and outstanding accompaniment from legendary pianist Muhal Richard Abrams and The Sam Rivers Big Band. The music is consistent, intense and maybe even a bit spiritual. All in all free jazz at it’s best.
Hamiet Bluiett- (Baritone Sax, Flute)
Muhal Richard Abrams- (Piano)
01. Nightdreams for Daytime Viewing  11:23
02. Dual Reflections  9:38
03. Suite Pretty Tune  11:13
04. Saying Something for All  7:55
05. Solo Flight  5:27
06. Requiem for Kent State  10:49

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Muhal Richard ABRAMS – Afrisong 1975

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Muhal Richard ABRAMS – Afrisong 1975


One of the most beautiful albums ever recorded by this legendary AACM pianist! The album was a rare Japanese-only session from 1975, but recorded in Chicago — and it features Muhal playing solo — in beautifully warm spiritual tones that are very different from his playing on many other albums from the time. The work is wonderfully introspective, showing a whole new side to Abrams’ genius — the sensitive, contemplative keyboardist who occasionally emerges during some of Abrams’ larger group sessions, but who usually gets pushed back in the fray of larger instrumental interplay. The whole album’s extremely beautiful, and it’s darn near impossible to find in the original! Tracks include “Afrisong”, “The Infinitive Flow”, “Hymn To The East”, “Roots”, and “The New People”.
By Dusty Groove.
Muhal Richard Abrams seamlessy blended elements of stride, bebop, blues, and free music on this collection of solo piano pieces recorded in 1975 for the Japanese label Trio/Whynot. It was also available briefly on India Navigation. Top numbers included “Hymn to the East,” “Blues For M” and the title track. It was also a chance for Abrams to display his instrumental facility and underrated keyboard skills, which often take a back seat to his arranging, compositions and bandleading.
From All Music Guide.
Muhal Richard AbramsPiano
George LewisTrombone
A1. Afrisong 5:03
A2. The Infinite Flow 5:55
A3. Peace On You 7:35
A4. Hymns To The Last 4:30
B1. Roots 3:56
B2. Blues For M. 3:44
B3. The New People 10:11

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