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Otis RUSH – (1956-1958) Cobra Recordings 1999

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Otis RUSH – (1956-1958) Cobra Recordings 1999


These are classic sides of groaning Chicago blues. Otis Rush began his career on the heels of Muddy Waters’s success. The blues had become electrified and developed from a solo player’s medium into the modern band sound. With these debut recordings, Rush pushed the envelope. He creates an altogether more urban sound, built around his stinging guitar runs. He is backed by Chicago greats like Willie Dixon, Louis Myers, and Fred Below. This isn’t a light or joyous music, but it’s a gripping and compelling experience. When Rush titles a song “Groaning the Blues,” you know why. “Double Trouble” is doomy and stirring. Several tracks are producer’s attempts at more commercial sounds for Rush, and though they are nowhere near as good, they’re a welcome reprieve. You’ll listen to this repeatedly.
By Robert Gordon.
His 1956-1958 Cobra legacy is a magnificent one, distinguished by the Dixon-produced minor-key masterpieces “Double Trouble” and “My Love Will Never Die,” the tough-as-nails “Three Times a Fool” and “Keep on Loving Me Baby,” and the rhumba-rocking classic “All Your Love (I Miss Loving).” Rush apparently dashed off the latter tune in the car en route to Cobra’s West Roosevelt Road studios, where he would cut it with the nucleus of Ike Turner’s combo.
Otis Rush- (Vocals, Guitar);
Ike Turner- (Guitar);
Little Walter, Big Walter Horton- (Harmonica);
Harold Ashby- (Saxophone);
Little Brother- Montgomery (Piano);
Willie Dixon- (Bass);
Al Duncan- (Drums).
01. Double Trouble  2:44
02. Jump Sister Bessie  2:34
03. Checking On My Baby  2:57
04. Sit Down  2:22
05. Love That Woman  3:02
06. My Baby Is A Good’un  2:41
07. If You Were Mine  3:07
08. All Your Love  2:38
09. It Takes Time  2:50
10. Violent Love  2:32
11. I Can’t Quit You Baby  3:07
12. Little Red Rooster  2:22
13. My Love Will Never Die  3:08
14. Groaning The Blues  3:04
15. Three Times A Fool  2:51
16. She’s A Good’un  2:49
17. Keep On Loving Me Baby  2:21
18. I Can’t Quit You Baby  3:40
19. Double Trouble  5:10
20. She’s A Good’un  3:16

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