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Patric CARLSON and Bluebirds – Blast From The Past 2008

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Patric CARLSON and Bluebirds – Blast From The Past 2008


Bluebirds is a band that plays: high energy, fun-filled fusion of Louisiana rock ´n roll,good old fashioned blues and rockabilly, sprinkled with a bit of tex – mex and garnished with soul. Bluebirds genuine musical mix has taken the band all over the world: Australia, USA, Europe and the Nordic countries.

The band is now almost back to the original setting, since the start in 1989. Or as Michelle for the Live Magazine (U.S.A) has written:“The irony of having a band from Sweden play American blues music betterthan nearly any group I had ever heard before was not lost on me”. Blues association of Queensland, Australia says:“Have you been waiting ´round for another band like The Fabulous Thunderbirds to come along? Well, your wait is over, Bluebirds have arrived”  With the sixth album “Blast from the past”, Bluebirds are ready to rock the house!
Texas blues is a sub-style of the blues. It has many variations, the style is recognizable, especially that played with great swing. The guitar plays an important role. Patrick Carlson’s & Blue Birds are relatively unknown in the Netherlands but there can sometimes change. “Blast From the Past is the latest slice of this blues band from Sweden.

This sixth album spawned in the style of including the former Fabulous Thunderbirds recorded. The band is back in the original lineup from their first debut (“Walking on Thrills”) in 1997. Petter Person on the slide guitar, Magnus Jonsson with upright bass, drums and Peter Hamberg Patric Carlson’s vocals and guitar. The pianist Johan Johansson is the new guy in the band.

Fourteen songs stand out from the first song you think they come from Texas. The opener “Angel Lee” is a catchy song lying. Here we are immediately included in a mix of Tex-Mex, how beautifully the typical Tex-Mex sound are used. Followed by “Get A Grip ‘, upbeat and recognizable feature typical Texas blues guitar sound. The Hammond organ in the background, they perfectly know how to mix, not dominant.

“I’m Not Your Baby ‘, very softly in the background after a piano solo for a Hammond organ. The instrumental “Caster Blues’ with a guitar solo that reminds me strongly to the young Jimmie Vaughan. In the song “Twenty Four Seven ‘we hear the bass pumping Magnus Jonsson seagoing and the number read, with the intro of the guitar sits nicely in the low-key. Halfway through a solo with a pick, back against the bridge to be played. With of course a nice reverb added, such as we have in the Texas blues.

The Cajun is not shunned as “Get Your Dirty Hands Of My Baby” a song that the listener can take a breather. ‘King For A Day’ full throttle Texas blues back corner, a song that reminds me of Lester Butler Red Devils’. No, not a harmonica, but the sound, nice “gritty” especially the guitar solo, the bass and drums accompanying them good, make it such a reminder.

A CD with a wide musical range, especially from the southern states of America, brought by five individuals from Sweden. A real vintage sound, “Fasten your seat belts and get ready for take off with the Blue Birds!
Patrick Carlson- Guitar, Vocal
Petter Persson- Guitar
Johan Johansson (II)- Piano, Hammond
Magnus Jonsson- Bass
Peter Hamberg- Drums
01. Angel Lee 4:32
02. Get A Grip 4:26
03. Drinki´n on A Sunday Afternoon 4:07
04. I’m Not Your Baby 3:42
05. Twenty Four Seven 4:23
06. Big Boss Dan 3:38
07. Get Your Dirty Hands of My Baby 2:46
08. Blues Caster 2:26
09. Don’t Leave Me All Alone 2:57
10. King for A Day 2:57
11. The Best Out of Me 5:13
12. Daddy´s Rock´n 3:08
13. Two Times A Fool 4:03
14. Two Tone 3:33

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