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Pinetop PERKINS – Live at 85! 1999

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Pinetop PERKINS – Live at 85! 1999
With George Kilby Jr.


Pinetop Perkins is living proof of just how cool senior citizenry can be. Sitting behind his piano in concert, wearing a smart-looking jacket and matching hat, exchanging knowing glances with the audience as he delivers some of the best piano blues ever, Perkins is the real deal. On Live at 85, he leads a team of crack, young up-and-comers through 10 monster tracks of Chicago blues, complete with horns. In addition to his considerable skills on piano, Perkins still has a strong voice, not to mention an unflappable sense of humor (check out “Chicken Shack” and “High Heel Sneakers” in particular). Like everyone else who’s ever been associated with Muddy Waters, Perkins covers “Hoochie Coochie Man”; like everything else on this album, it’s done very well indeed.
By Genevieve Williams.
Pinetop Perkins- (Vocals, Piano);
George Kilby Jr.- (Vocals, Guitar);
Tim Clark- (Tenor Saxophone);
Donnie C. Castellow -(Baritone Sax);
Lee Marvin- (Bass);
Eric Halvorson- (Drums).
01. Chicken Shack 5:18
02. Just A Little Bit 4:27
03. High Heel Sneakers 6:02
04. Look On Yonder’s Wall 3:35
05. How Long 6:21
06. Down In Mississippi 8:20
07. Ida B. 6:42
08. Kidney Stew 7:21
09. Hoochie Coochie Man 7:59
10. Hold It 1:36

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