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R.J. MISCHO – Gonna Rock Tonight 1996

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R.J. MISCHO – Gonna Rock Tonight 1996
Label: Blue Loon
Recorded over three sessions spanning from December 1991 through November 1993,
First released in 1994 and was re-issued in 1998


R.J. (Robert) Mischo began singing and playing harmonica in the Minneapolis area in the late ’70s. He played with the blues heavyweights of that area and timeframe such as Muddy Waters sideman Mojo Buford, Percy Strother, and Milwaukee Slim. R.J. also fronted several of his own bands, including Blues Deluxe and R.J. & Kid Morgan Blues Band (which featured guitarist Teddy Morgan and singer Percy Strother). His 1992 album with that band, Ready to Go, won praises far and near and still has an unmatched magic about it. Mischo was nominated for several Minnesota Music Academy Awards while in Minneapolis, and in 1996, he won the award for Best Harmonica Player. In 1994 he released Gonna Rock Tonight. After a few tours of Europe, he re-formed the band and called it R.J. Mischo and His Red Hot Blues Band. Rough and Tough and Cool Disposition were recorded before Mischo departed for San Francisco in 1998. He recorded West Wind Blowin’ there the following year. He and his band make regular appearances in the bay area and also tour the U.S. and Europe.
By Ann Wickstrom, All Music Guide.
R.J. Mischo resurrects the glory days of ’50s Chicago harp-playing on his Blue Loon album, Gronna Rock Tonight.
By Earl Simmons, All Music Guide.
R.J. Mischo- (Vocals & Harp),
Teddy “Kid” Morgan- (Guitar),
Bruce McCabe- (Piano),
Bill Black- (Bass),
Robb Stupka- (Drums).
Jeff Hester- (Guitar),
John Schroder- (Guitar)
Dave Larson- (Drums).
01. Always Late  3.56
02. Kept Hanging On  4.07
03. Voodoo Voodo  2.19
04. I Got A Feeling  3.57
05. Judgment Day  3.50
06. 41st Street Roll  4.41
07. I Got Lucky  3.02
08. Rooster Blues  3.04
09. Wildcat Tamer  3.04
10. I Got A Good Woman  5.20
11. Rocket Boogie  3.10
12. Bye Bye Bird  2.47

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