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Rev BROWN – Bare in Change 1993

Posted in BLUES, Rev BROWN on November 18, 2010 by whoisthemonk

Rev BROWN – Bare in Change  1993
PRD 70742.


After you listen to this album you’ll get a feeling you could have missed a lot if you would not. This 14-track album sends shivers down your spine. This guy plays guitar like nobody else. You can hear it either in blues songs or more rocky tunes. Album starts with I Can Only Sing The Blues with great guitar playing, continues with more rocky Up The Dirt Track, then comes There Ain’t Enough Hours In The Day with folk elements and afterwards more than nine minutes of brilliant guitar work in Girlfriend Blues. The sound is new and unique. I can bet you never heard such guitar. Some folks could read AC/DC influence here, but it’s truly original, unsophisticated playing getting it’s culmination in Love Me Babe, craziest boogie. Album continues with slow blues, and then we hear folk elements again in Slow Train Blues. Rev Brown gets out of guitar everything the instrument can give. This is obvious in Religion Blues which, in my opinion, is the best guitar work throughout the album. This guy sings about traditional blues concerns like need of love, heart break etc. as well as about religion. No matter what the theme is, guitar work is distinguishable, it’s his guitar. You should not miss this album.
Rev. Brown- Vocals, Guitars
Gary Lotham- Bass #1,2,10,11,12,13,14
Steve Waters- Bass #3 to 9
Richard Heat- Drums #1,2,10,11,12,13,14
Richard Harris- Drums #3 to 9
Mel and Steve Waters- Additional Vocals #3 to 9
01. I Can Only Sing the Blues 4:05
02. Up the Dirt Track 4:45
03. There Ain’t Enough Hours in the Day 4:28
04. Girlfriend Blues 9:51
05. Full Trottle Fever 3:29
06. Dimples 3:46
07. These Blues Are Taking Me Higher 5:55
08. Love Me Babe 6:10
09. New Day Blues 3:44
10. Slow Train Blues 3:39
11. Tomorrow Is An Other Day Blues 2:02
12. Religion Blues 6:07
13. I Still Need Love 5:18
14. Holy Grail Blues 6:06

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