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Rick DERRINGER – Knighted by the Blues 2009

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Rick DERRINGER – Knighted by the Blues 2009


Rick Derringer tried a variety of different things in the 1980s, ’90s, and 2000s. The singer/guitarist recorded his share of middle of the road pop/rock and adult contemporary albums, and he even recorded an instrumental jazz-pop/smooth jazz album that had George Benson-ish leanings (2002’s Free Ride). But Derringer, who turned 61 in 2008, has a way of going back to blues-rock and hard rock — which is exactly what he does on Knighted by the Blues. Granted, this 2009 release wasn’t recorded with blues purists in mind; not everything on Knighted by the Blues adheres to the traditional 12-bar format. But the feeling of the blues is quite strong throughout this 51-minute CD; that feeling is as strong on Derringer’s own songs as it is on enjoyable performances of Jimi Hendrix’s “If 6 Was Nine” and Ray Charles’ “Funny, I Still Love You.” Knighted by the Blues is definitely one of Derringer’s grittier, tougher, more ballsy efforts — and given his history, it isn’t surprising that he would return to this type of approach. Over the years, Derringer has fluctuated between very commercial recordings and recordings that were much edgier. It’s no coincidence that even though Derringer is best known for “Rock & Roll Hoochie Koo,” he is also well known for the bubblegum pop/rock he played with the McCoys in the ’60s. So taking his history into account, it really isn’t surprising that Derringer would offer a jazz-pop/smooth jazz album in 2002 and come out with a blues-rock/hard rock album like Knighted by the Blues seven years later in 2009. Knighted by the Blues isn’t among Derringer’s essential releases, but it’s certainly respectable and is well worth hearing if one fancies his edgier side.
By Alex Henderson.
Derringer s latest blues offering Knighted By The Blues follows in the tradition of this renowned guitarists greatest recordings and further showcases his intensity and prowess on the guitar that digs deep into Derringer s roots. Knighted By The Blues is Derringer s first blues record in over a decade to feature predominately Derringer s original blues oriented compositions. A consummate songwriter,
fans will be happy to hear their hero on top of his game as he delivers one riveting new tune after another.
One of Derringers better output of the blues he has put out.
Not quite as good as Jackhammer Blues or Blues Deluxe, but one of
his best. When you can play the Blues like Mr. Derringer, pretty much
anything you put out is great. When he played with Johnny Winters, those
were his best years, two of the best guitarists ripping it up. It starts off with “Mess around”, a fast bluesy tune, one of the best tunes on this cd is where he does an excellent version of Mr. Hendrix’s “If 6 were 9”.
The title track-“Knighted by the Blues” is an excellent slow bluesy tune on this cd. Cat on a hot tin roof, another old classic tune that Derringer turns into an excellent blues/jazz jam. It finishes with Funny I still Love you so, another great slow blues number by Derringer. Most of these tunes were written by Derringer & his Wife Jenda.
By  R. Archuleta.
Rick Derringer- Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Dave Reinhardt- Drums
Ron Reinhardt- Keyboards
01. The Mess Around 4:00
02. Sometimes 5:58
03. Give Me Some Money 3:24
04. If 6 Was 9 6:09
05. Knighted By The Blues 7:35
06. Jenda 4:19
07. Cat On A Hot Tin Roof 3:20
08. My Gals Kinda Crazy 7:31
09. Time To Go 4:11
10. Funny, I Still Love You 5:13
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