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Rosemary CLOONEY & Perez PRADO – A Touch Of Tabasco 1959

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Rosemary CLOONEY & Perez PRADO – A Touch Of Tabasco 1959
2002 Issue.
Recorded July 30–31, August 15, 1959


Recorded in 1959, A Touch Of Tabasco is a fine pairing. Whereas Eartha Kitt was caught on a bad day (she blames also a clash of egos), Rosemary Clooney makes it work, at least to the extent that any “thrush” could be expected to mesh with the brash sound of Prado. Considering Kitt and Clooney, it is no surprise, really. And with such powerhouse covers as “Sway (Quien Sera),” “Bali H’ai,” and “You Do Something to Me,” she hardly could have failed to delight. The rest is nearly as enjoyable, and liners by Jose Ferrer add a nice finishing touch, like tabasco.
By Tony Wilds.
In 1959, Rosemary Clooney joined the illustrious roster of singers who recorded with Cuban Mambo King and creator Perez Prado & His Band (Beny More, Myrtha Silva, Daniel Santos, Los Rivero, Hermanas Montoya, Hermanas Gaona, Tony Camargo, Kiko Mendive, Abel del Rivero, etc.)
At the time RCA Victor released two hit combination Lp, one was Abbie Lane with Tito Puente & His Orchestra and Rosemary Clooney with Perez Prado & His Orchestra, the album title they picked for the latter was “A Touch Of Tabasco”. Unfortunately some 20+ years ago this album was discontinued and leftover copies were very hard or impossible to find. With the emerging of the internet some folks who owned copies asked for large sums of money for their copies. Luckily one day about two years ago, I found that this album had been converted from analog to digital and therefore CD by Japan’s BMG/RCA, which explained its total absence from North American music markets. At long last this album has come back to us but in limited quantities. You will greatly enjoy listening to this classic as Rosemary sings old favorites backed by Perez Prado’s phenomenal Mambo Jazz Band,like “Corazon De Melon”, “Like A Woman”, “I Only Have Eyes For You”, “Magic Is The Moonlight”aka “Te Quiero Dijiste”, “In A Little Spanish Town”,
“Mack The Knife”aka “Moritat”, “Bali Hai”,”You Do Something To Me”,”Cu-Cu-Rru-Cu-Cu Paloma”,”I Got Plenty O’Nuttin”, “Sway”aka Quien Sera” and “Adios”. Rosemary Clooney and Perez Prado should’ve been recorded extensively but unfortunately were not so this is the only recorded musical jewel of the time when they joined their superb talents at the recording studio.
This album is definitely an important collector’s item, to add even more value to its collectability the album liners were written by the late Hollywood movie star Jose Ferrer. I strongly recommend you buy it while supplies last.

Perhaps one of the most sought after albums by the great late, one and only true “Mambo King”, Cuban band leader, pianist and composer,Damaso Perez Prado,who combined talents with famed American singer Rosemary Clooney for this early 60’s album. Enjoy listening to Mambo versions of great all time classics like, “Corazon de Melon”, “Adios”,”Mack the Knife”, “Sway”, “Magic is the Moonlight”,”I’ve Got Plenty of Nothing”, “Cu Cu rru Cu Cu Paloma”, “In a Little Spanish Town”, “I Only Have Eyes For You”, “Bali Hai”, “Like a Woman” and “Yo do Something to Me”. This great compilation originally recorded and released on Vynil Lp format during the early 1960’s, was discontinued after a few years and since then became an expensive and evasive collector’s item for decades. Now, luckily it is available again on CD format. Album liners were written by equally famous Hollywood screen actor Jose Ferrer, then married to Rosemary. All these attributes make this compilation unique. Clooney and Prado should’ve been recorded extensively but unfortunately they only joined in this one and only recording project. I highly recommend it, do not miss this rare gem.
By L. Dequesada.
Perez Prado’s spectacular recordings from the 60’s,are easily recognized due to the unique mambo sound: screaming trumpets, repetitvie sax-riffs combined with trombones barking. Together with Rosemary Clooney, this CD really offers several all time high recordings, excellent for any occation. My favorite: Sway (forget about easylistening recordings, Dean Martin etc…Clooney and Prado offers something else on this tunes!)
By Kim Koffeld.
01. Corazón De Melón
02. Like a Woman
03. I Only Have Eyes For You
04. Magic Is The Moonlight
05. In a Little Spanish Town
06. Sway [Quien Sera]
07. Mack The Knife
08. Bali Ha’i
09. You Do Something To Me
10. Cu-Cu-Rru-Cu-Cu Paloma
11. I Got Plenty O’ Nuttin’
12. Adiós

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