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Roy HAYNES – Cracklin' 1963

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Roy HAYNES – Cracklin’ 1963 (REPOST)
1994 Issue.


Throughout his 45 year long career Roy Haynes has played with almost every major artist, and excelled as he played almost every style of jazz. He is one of the rare artists who, while largely underrated, is a legend and an active influence to this day. Fans of Haynes are dedicated, and this cd offers them a rare session from the early 60’s featuring him as a leader. The Drummer is backed on this cd by the passionate, bluessoaked tenor of Booker Ervin, Ronnie Mathews on piano, and Larry Ridley on bass. Ervin is a like a force of nature, churning and wailing on “Scoochie” while soft and soothing on “Sketch of Melba”. His backround in the blues lifts “Honeydew” and “Bad News Blues”. The entire quartet shines on one of the cd’s highlights, a modal piece named “Dorian”. Haynes’ drumming is top shelf, really shining on the track “Under Paris Skys”. Mathews and Ridley are solid in support but Ervin and Haynes are the show for this disc. Fans of both men will enjoy this set of straight ahead blues based hard bop, and should check it out.
Roy Haynes- Drums
Booker Ervin- Tenor Saxophone
Larry Ridley- Bass
Ronnie Mathews- Piano.
01. Scoochie
02. Dorian
03. Sketch of Melba
04. Honeydew
05. Under Paris Skies
06. Band News Blues

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