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Sharrie WILLIAMS & The WiseGuys – Hard Drivin' Woman 2004

Posted in BLUES, Sharrie WILLIAMS on December 5, 2010 by whoisthemonk

Sharrie WILLIAMS & The WiseGuys – Hard Drivin’ Woman 2004


When people say she’s a voice to be reckoned with, they aren’t lying. Sharrie Williams might be relatively unknown, but things should begin to turn following her new release on Crosscut. “Hard Drivin’ Woman” features a small band (guitar, piano, bass, and drums) with a huge sound thanks to great production (although the manufactured lead guitar sound is irritating in spots). Aside from I’d Rather Go Blind (which burns with passion), the balance of the disc is all original material that fuses blues, gospel, soul, riveting R&B and more with Williams belting out the vocals. She may be a little raw in spots but it’s part of what makes this so enjoyable from beginning to end. It’s not straight-up traditional blues, but if your tastes run to modern sounding records with a deep sense of blues at the core, this is bound to satisfy.
01. Hard Drivin’ Woman (3:02)
02. Travellin’ (4:44)
03. Blues Lover (4:45)
04. Crazy For You (5:03)
05. My Best Friend Is Gone (4:29)
06. I’d Rather Go Blind (5:44)
07. Big Fall (3:48)
08. I’ll Give You Me (4:46)
09. The Glory Train (3:21)
10. Selfish (5:44)
11. How Much Can a Woman Take (4:12)
12. Just You & Me (3:16)
13. My Old Man (4:27)
14. Gospel Blues (3:37)

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