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Snowy WHITE´s The Blues Agency – Change My Life 1988

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Snowy WHITE´s The Blues Agency – Change My Life 1988


In 1988 Snowy White went for a jam at ‘The White Lion’ in Putney, London. There he met Jeff Allen (drums) and Graham Bell (Vocals/harmonica) “I’d had enough of being a singles artiste, and decided to just play some blues guitar for a while, so I asked Jeff and Graham to join up with myself and Kuma Harada, and I formed ‘The Blues Agency’.”
Snowy really enjoyed getting back to his roots and playing twelve bar shuffles again.
The band toured Europe and released two albums, ‘Change my life’ and ‘Blues on me’ (or ‘Open for Business’ as it was called in certain Countries).
“It was nice just to play guitar again for a while and play all my old favorites, but after a couple of years I felt that I needed to stretch out musically again” says Snowy White
At the beginning of 1990 the Blues Agency chapter of Snowy’s career ended as he started writing songs for his next album, ‘Highway to the Sun’.
Snowy White is one of a handful of classic blues-orientated British electric guitar players- musicians whose sound, technique and style has echoed the originality of the blues with the excitement of contemporary rock. After deciding to focus on his guitar playing, he formed a touring blues band in 1986 with Harada, drummer Jeff Allen, and vocalist/guitarist Graham Bell. For three years the band toured and recorded, releasing Change My Life and Open for Business. If you like the blues this album is one well worth having in the collection. From the first track (which sets the mood), right though the whole album, every song is a classic. The album is essentially very laid back but has some great guitar work by Mr White. – compilation from different the sources
Snowy White- (Guitar)
Jeff Allen- (Drums and Percussion)
Graham Bell- (Vocals and Harmonica)
Kuma Harada- (Bass and Rhythm Guitar)
01. Woke Up This Morning (B.B. King) 4:29
02. The Thrill Is Gone (Roy Hawkins) 4:11
03. You Know It Ain’t Right (Walter Jacobs) 2:59
04. Change My Life (Snowy White/Kuma Harada/Graham Bell/Jeff Allen) 6:27
05. The Agency Blues (Snowy White/Kuma Harada/Graham Bell/Jeff Allen) 3:34
06. Judgement Day (Snowy White) 5:04
07. Ooh-Wee Baby (Willie Dixon) 3:26
08. The Rest Of My Life (Snowy White) 5:24
09. Parchman Farm (Mose Allison) 3:55
10. The Agency Shuffle (Snowy White/Kuma Harada/Graham Bell/Jeff Allen) 3:35
11. Another Man (Traditional/arr. Graham Bell) 1:52
12. No Place to Go (Chester Burnett) 4:27

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