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Belmondo & Yusef LATEEF – Influence 2006

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Belmondo & Yusef LATEEF – Influence 2006


87 year-old jazz legend Yusef Lateef (tenor sax, oboe, flutes) teams up with the French Belmondo brothers, Stéphane (trumpet, fluegelhorn) and Lionel (tenor sax, soprano sax, alto flute, clarinet) for this new double album – a complex, beautiful project which draws musical influences from 19th Century Europe, the Middle East, the Far East and Africa, all given a jazz interpretation. The band also features leading US trombonist Glenn Ferris, plus Laurent Fickelson (piano), Paul Imm (double-bass), Dre Pallemaerte (drums), and a reeds section. The three multi-instrumentalist virtuosos in the front line project their individual voices into a unified soundscape without losing their individuality.

The Belmondos, who have released a series of critically-acclaimed CDs in recent years, are from a very different background to Lateef, but when Lionel and Stéphane met their ‘elder sibling’, they naturally fell into symbiosis both personally and musically, discovering that their artistic approaches are extremely close. This natural collaboration between the three follows a history of respect and admiration. Lateef’s own compositions seem to be mirrored by the separate themes which form a suite to the Belmondo brothers’ ‘Infinity’ album, recorded in 1999. The new album, “Influences”, issued on the French B-Flat/Discograph label, is the outcome of two years of hard work, of dedicated research, of intense live activity and of prolific composition.
Every work of art is part form, part substance and part emotion. The double CD Influence, by Yusef Lateef and the Belmondo brothers, has the beauty of form of an impressionist canvas, the depth and the complexity of a mathematical equation, but the emotional sterility of a doctor’s office.

The music is a blend of complex and precise improvisations and melodies from around the world, including 19th Century Europe, the Middle East, the Far East and Africa, all peppered with a jazz sensibility. The three multi-instrumentalist virtuosos in the front line forge their individual voices into a sound sculpture without losing their individuality. The rhythm section not only keeps up with the horns, but also builds a solid foundation for them.

While the recording mostly lacks emotion, it’s not completely devoid of passion. The beginning drum solo of the title track rumbles with the kind of excitement that one feels in the pit of one’s stomach, but the feeling fades away completely after a few minutes as the drums fade into their supportive role. The last part of the suite that takes up most of disc two also starts off laden with a charge reminiscent of the finest hard bop recordings of the 1950s, and it’s more or less able to maintain momentum throughout its fourteen-minute duration.

This is a beautiful, complex and interesting recording, but with only a few surprises and a few passionate shreds of jazzy excitement. The multicultural style of the music and its beautiful complexity fits well with the great Yusef Lateef’s legacy and the Belmondo brothers’ body of work.
By Hrayr Attarian. AAJ.
Yusef Lateef- Reeds;
Lionel Belmondo- Reeds, Percussion;
Stephane Belmondo- Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Shell, Percussion;
Laurent Fickelson- Piano;
Paul Imm- Bass;
Dre Pallemaert- Drums.
01. Shafa 10:10
02. Si Tout Ceci N’Est Qu’un Pauvre Reve 10:04
03. Apres Le Jeu 6:49
04. Influence 17:40
05. Orgatique 7:55

01. An Afternoon In Chatanooga 5:10
02. Suite Overtime Morning 12:21
03. Suite Overtime Metaphor 8:45
04. Suite Overtime Iqbal 5:10
05. Suite Overtime Brother John 13:49
06. Le Jardin 4:15

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