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Duke ROBILLARD & Sugar Ray NORCIA Live At Jazz Club Lionel Hampton, Paris 2009

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Duke ROBILLARD & Sugar Ray NORCIA Live At Jazz Club Lionel Hampton, Paris 2009
Recorded live at The Lionel Hampton Jazz Club,
Paris, France, March 25, 2009


Duke Robillard- (Guitar, Vocal)
Sugar Ray Norcia- (Harmonica, Vocal)
Doug James- (Sax)
Jon Ross- (Bass)
Mark Teixeira- (Drums)
Set 01
01. Red’s Riff
02. You Don’t Love Me And I Don’t Evan Care
03. Just Because
04. Goodtime Charlie
05. Rain In My Heart
06. Blow Wind Blow
07. Money Marbles And Chalk
08. Days Of Old
09. Blinf Love
10. When You Smiling

Set 02
01. Jump The bLues For You
02. Sunday Morning
03. My Tears
04. Gonna’s Get You Told
05. Six Inch Heels
06. Intro For Norcia
07. Rockin’ Sugar Daddy
08. Evening
09. Off The Wall
10. No Good Woman
11. Love Is A Burnin’ Thing
12. Feeling Blue
13. Say You Love Me Before You Hang Up

Set 03
01. Deed I Do
02. I’m Confessin’ That I Love You
03. Extra Axle
04. Slam Hammer
05. That Ain’t Right
06. Need My Baby
07. I Want A Little Girl
08. My Cabin
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Sugar Ray NORCIA & The Bluetones – Hands Across The Table 2004

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Sugar Ray NORCIA & The Bluetones – Hands Across The Table 2004
Recorded at; Lakewest Recording Studio,
Rhode Island 2004


Few traditional bluesmen have the swinging elegance and vocal grace of ex-Roomful of Blues frontman Sugar Ray Norcia. And this is his finest solo album, full of warm performances and well-written original tunes. Even when Sugar Ray’s grinding out a Chicago shuffle like “I Done Got Wise,” both his warm singing and his harp solos create luxurious melodies full of richly sustained notes that carefully underscore the deep emotions that put life in his lyrics. The title cut and “The Last Blues Song” are among his best numbers. The former explores the pain of possible infidelity and the latter is a secular prayer for a better world, set to a spare piano arrangement that gives Sugar Ray room to weave colorful filigrees and wide dynamics into his vocal phrases. He’s also got a skillful journeyman Bluetones lineup here, with fellow Roomful alums Doug James and Carl Querfurth on sax and trombone; veteran Handy-nominated Michael “Mudcat” Ward on bass; Neal Gouvin on drums; and on guitar, Paul Size, who comfortably fills the seat formerly held by Ronnie Earl and Mike Welch. They play together with transparent mastery, giving the boss plenty of license to exercise his considerable talents.
By Ted Drozdowski.
Ray Norcia is known as a blues harmonica ace, but when all is said and done, his greatest strength may well be his voice, and when he sings at his best, he brings a touch of country and a little bit of jazz swing to the blues. Hands Across the Table, his third release on David Earl’s Severn Records, and the first to feature new guitarist Paul Size, doesn’t push for too much. There’s plenty of harp soloing here, naturally, and things are helped out immensely by the presence of the Providence Horns on several tracks, which adds a solid punch to the rhythm section, but things don’t really rise much above journeyman blues until halfway through the album when Norcia decides to let in the country R&B on the Fats Domino-styled reworking of Frankie Laine’s “That’s My Desire.” A case could be made that Norcia is the Charlie Rich of East Coast blues, and on “I Wanna Marry You Girl” his vocal strikes close to the spot where country and the blues still have a shared agenda. His voice even sounds a little bit like the great Jack Teagarden on the two best tracks here, the jazzy “River Stay ‘Way from My Door” and the magnificent “The Last Blues Song,” which features the subtle and perfectly nuanced phrasing of a master vocalist. No one is suggesting that Norcia toss away his harps — his driving (but not overdriven) tone on harmonica is always a plus — but this man can sing, and not just the blues.
By Steve Leggett.
Sugar Ray Norcia- Vocals, Harmonica),
Paul Size- Guitar,
Anthony Geraci- Piano,
Michael “Mudcat” Ward- Bass instrument,
Neil Gouvin- Drums;
Doug James- Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone,
Carl Querfurth- Trombone.
01. Hands Across the Table
02. I Done Got Wise
03. Dark Roads Calling
04. Livin’ a Lie
05. Cloud Cover
06. Say You Love Me (Before I Hang up)
07. That’s My Desire
08. (I’m Gonna Break Into) Folsom Prison
09. I Wanna Marry You Girl
10. I Won’t Leave You Home No More
11. River Stay ‘Way From My Door
12. The Last Blues Song
13. End Time
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