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Sunnyland SLIM – Live, At The D.C. Blues Society 1995

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Sunnyland SLIM – Live, At The D.C. Blues Society 1995


Sunnyland Slim’s brand of weary blues, punctuated by rolling piano accents and boogie riffs, predates both the rise and fall of Delta blues and the emergence of its urban successor. Slim toured the South in the ’20s, ’30s, and early ’40s, then left for Chicago and has been there ever since. This blend of Delta and urban sensibilities has been infused in his songs since he began recording and permeates the 14 selections (recorded in 1987) on Live at the D.C. Blues Society. Although long since past his vocal peak, Slim still spins a nifty yarn and mournful lament.
By Ron Wynn, All Music Guide.
MOST of the Mapleshade CDs have the highest of recording-quality, though some of their CDs are not to my MUSICAL taste. But this particular CD could hardly be better. It’s simply great,the best of all the Mapleshades, at least musically. Sunnyland Slim’s voice sounds weak, if not utterly ruined, but that does not matter, because his piano playing is so remarkably good and fun. I have heard few CDs, of any genre, that I enjoy as thoroughly as I do this one. This is great music excellently recorded, in fact, I have never heard piano better recorded than this.
By Joseph Reader.
01. Got a Thing Going On  3.21
02. Every Time I Gets to Drinking  4.16
03. Got to Get to My Baby  3.04
04. Lend Me Your Love  6.04
05. When I Was Young  3.10
06. I Won’t Do That No More  3.32
07. My Baby, She Don’t Love Me No More  3.44
08. Blues Improvisation  3.19
09. Gonna Be My Baby  2.44
10. Blues Improvisation  2.51
11. If I Done You Wrong  2.36
12. Dust My Broom  3.50
13. Run Here Baby  4.46
14. Be Careful How You Vote [Instrumental] 2.35

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