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Ten Years After – Live at Isle of Wight 1970

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Ten Years After – Live at Isle of Wight 1970
Thx To *KitnamorKen/Jean-Pierre*


Alvin Lee– Guitar, Vocals, Harp
Leo Lyons– Bass
Chick Churchill– Keyboards
Ric Lee– Drums
01. Love Like A Man
02. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
03. No Title [Cut]
04. I Can’t Keep From Cryin’ Sometimes
05. I’m Goin’ Home
06. Sweet Little Sixteen
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Alvin LEE & Ten Years After – Pure Blues 1995

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Alvin LEE & Ten Years After – Pure Blues 1995


Pure Blues is a good sampler of Alvin Lee’s music, both with Ten Years After and solo. It looks like a standard compilation, yet it concentrates solely on blues-based material. Ten Years After, though, was not just a blues-rock group. They were deeply rooted in ’50s rock and roll and jazz in addition to blues, so this compilation really only shows one part of the Alvin Lee picture. But if you’re a major blues lover like me, that’s okay.
It starts with the acoustic “Don’t Want You Woman” from Ten Years After’s self-titled debut (currently out of print). Other highlights are the heavy riff-driven “I Woke Up This Morning”, and “The Stomp” (both from the SSSSH album) and two killer live tracks, “Slow Blues in C” and “Help Me” from the Recorded Live album.
This is a nice sampler, but don’t make the mistake of letting this be the only Alvin Lee/Ten Years After CD you check out. If you like this, further listening should be: Undead (1968), Recorded Live (1973), and last year’s release of Ten Years After Live at the Fillmore East.
If you’re looking for a good Ten Years After compilation, the ideal choice would be the new Ten Years After Anthology 1967 – 1971. It covers all the sides of TYA’s music, from rock to blues to jazz.
An absolute must-have CD. Guitar legend Alvin Lee selected these tracks from his favorite recordings done with his seminal blues/rock band Ten Years After and others throughout his long career. Excellent tracks, excellent guitar playing, excellent blues.
Not taking anything away from the talents of Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Buddy Guy, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, even B.B. King, and many other great blues guitarist of both tbe present and the past, but somewhere along the way the critics overlooked the exceptional talent and power of Alvin Lee. His soulful blues guitar playing on “Bluest Blues” is without a doubt one of the all-time greatest tracks that I have ever had the pleasure to listen to in my lifetime, and all by itself is worthy of the price of this album.
Alvin, if you should happen to read this, be assured that by my standards they gave the title “God” to the wrong guitarslinger; and, Eric you might even agree when listening to Bluest Blues! It just doesn’t get any better for a blues afecionado that this!!!!
By C. Butler.
Alan Spenner, Leo Lyons- Bass
Clarence Clemons- Tenor Sax
Alvin Lee- Bass, Vocals, Vox Organ, Guitar, Piano
Jon Lord- Organ (Hammond)
Paddy McHugh, Frank Collins, Dyan Birch- Vocals
Mel Collins-Saxophone
Steve Gould- Bass, Engineer, Guitar, Keyboards
Chick Churchill, Steve Grant- Keyboards
Tim Hinkley- Keyboards, Organ (Hammond)
Neil Hubbard- Guitar
George Harrison- Slide Guitar
Alan Young, Ric Lee, Ian Wallace- Drums
01. Don’t Want You Woman 2:36
02. The Bluest Blues 7:27
03. I Woke Up This Morning 5:27
04. Real Life Blues 4:35
05. The Stomp 4:31
06. Slow Blues In ‘C’ (Live) 7:49
07. Wake Up Moma 3:58
08. Talk Don’t Bother Me 3:31
09. Every Blues You’ve Ever Heard 5:25
10. I Get All Shook Up 4:40
11. Lost In Love 4:06
12. Help Me (Live) 10:53
13. Outside My Window 8:04

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Ten Years After – Live At The Marquee 1983 (AVI)

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Ten Years After – Live At The Marquee 1983 (AVI)


Recorded live at London’s famed Marquee Club on July 1, 1983, ten years after performs some of their best loved songs.This long awaited video of Alvin Lee and TEN YEARS AFTER is a must have addition to any fans collection.
The picture and sound are great and could have been shot yesterday.the music is brilliant and every track is a guitar blistering joy to watch..alvin lee on top form as are the rest of the original T.Y.A lineup.Some classic tracks rounded up by a epic 13 and a half min. “GOIN` HOME” of woodstock fame.
This long awaited dvd of Alvin Lee and TEN YEARS AFTER is a must have addition to any fans collection.
The picture and sound are great and could have been shot yesterday.the music is brilliant and every track is a guitar blistering joy to watch..alvin lee on top form as are the rest of the original T.Y.A lineup.Some classic tracks rounded up by a epic 13 and a half min. “GOIN` HOME” of woodstock fame.The extras on the disc are a rare exerpt of alvin lee in the film “groupies” and the option to have dvd vj Tommy Vance introduce each track and give insight to the material FIVE STARS PLUS,PRICELESS STUFF BUY NOW!
Ten Years After is a legendary UK fast-paced rock/blues group of yesteryear. The group is spearheaded by highly respected guitarist Alvin Lee, who at the age of only 15 formed the core of the band with bass player Leo Lyons. With the addition of drummer Ric Lee and keyboardist Chick Churchill the band was complete and began gigging around London in 1966. In October 1967 they released their first album and by June of the next year were already touring America, wowing audiences with their innovative rock-influenced interpretation of the blues and most particularly with Lee’s distinctive, rapid fire guitar playing.
But it was TYA’s performance at Woodstock in August 1969 in front of half a million people that cemented their reputation as one of the world’s (then) best live bands. In particular, it was the band’s performance of Lee’s track Goin’ Home, with its clear homage to the rock and roll and R&B greats like The King, Carl Perkins and Jerry Lewis, that was later to be named by many as one of the main highlights of the Woodstock festival, featuring in the Woodstock documentary released in 1970. Needless to say, this performance at Woodstock secured TYA’s popularity in the USA, where they went on to tour extensively and reach almost supergroup status, their status in turn also securing the success of the band back home in the UK.

Lee is a man who early on in his career was to suffer the label of “the world’s fastest guitar player”, a label he was understandably keen to down-play. After all, as “DVD VJ” Tommy Vance states in his commentary on this disc,  there is a huge difference between a guitar player who is simply able to achieve technical speed at the sacrifice of slurring all the notes together, and a player who is able to maintain the integrity of each individual note, whilst also increasing the speed of playing to frenetic, breakneck pace. Alvin Lee definitely falls into the latter category.

After a hectic schedule of constant live touring and several album releases, TYA were to finally break up in 1975. Lee was to go on to other solo ventures and collaborations and is still one of the world’s most respected live guitarists to this day. The concert featured on this DVD was a reunion gig recorded at London’s famous Marquee Club in 1983. (The Marquee Club is one of London’s most sacred live rock venues, having been established way back in the late 50s/early 60s and still going strong. This is the very same venue where not only TYA, but also such rock luminaries as Queen, The Stones and Pink Floyd, among others, were to hone their stage craft early on in their careers.)  This 1983 concert, as far as I know, was a one-off reunion gig for TYA. There were to be subsequent reunions a couple of times later in 1989 and then in 1997, but they never stuck, as Lee wanted to move on and continue pursuing his other interests.

If you haven’t heard of TYA before but you are a fan of live rock and blues, then this DVD is highly recommend; it showcases a guitar legend in blistering form and a group that, even after such a long break and with only a few days’ prior rehearsal, snapped back together into place as an extremely tight outfit.

Songs in the track listing listed below are all written by TYA, except for track 3 by Sonny Boy Williamson, track 4 by Willy Dixon/R Bass, track 5 by W Herman and track 7 written by Lee alone.

Curiously not credited on either the disc’s cover or on any of the menus, this is an important extra. It is an introduction to each song by “VJ” Tommy Vance. Unlike other releases in this Sanctuary Visual Entertainment/Warner Vision Australia concert DVD series, where the song intros are accomplished by a brief voiceover as a separate commentary audio track, in this case it is done via a “follow the white rabbit” feature. At the beginning of each track, a symbol appears at the bottom left hand side of the screen (the same symbol that appears on Lee’s guitar), which if selected by pressing Enter on the remote control takes the viewer out of the concert and into branched footage of Tommy Vance, reading out DJ-style a brief intro to that song. This is quite informative, providing a great context of the history of the band and the origin of each individual song.
The “follow the white rabbit” concept for this type of extra is a great idea, as it allows for a little more in-depth commentary than is otherwise possible by doing it as an overdub onto the concert audio proper. Of course, if you don’t want to have the concert interrupted by these intros, then you have the option of simply ignoring the symbols when they appear.

This DVD is highly recommended for any fan of live rock and blues music. It features a great video transfer, decent audio and a limited but highly insightful couple of extras. My only complaint with the disc (a common refrain with many live concert releases) is that we do not get to see the full concert set, as is confirmed by the disc’s short run time and the rather obvious edits between songs. This only leaves you wondering what other tracks we missed out on. But still, this disc certainly whets the appetite for what a great live band Ten Years After were.
Avin Lee- Guitar
Chick Churghill- Keyboards
Leo Lyons- Bass
Ric Lee- Drums
01. Love Like a Man
02. I May Be Wrong But I Won’t Be Wrong Always
03. Good Morning Little School Girl
04. Help Me
05. Woodchoppers Ball
06. Slow Blues
07. I’m Going Home

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