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The NIGHTHAWKS – Live at The Psyche Delly & El Macombo 1977

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The NIGHTHAWKS – Live at The Psyche Delly & El Macombo 1977
The Psyche Delly in Bethesda, Maryland, 1976
and at The El Macombo in Toronto, Canada, 1977
The best of boogie blues w. 12 tracks at Psyche Delly, 1976 & 4 tracks at El Macombo, 1977


What a great blues band. The Psyche Delly in Bethesda M.D. was the site of this amazing live performance by the Nighthawks. Jim Thackery and Mark Wenner tear through “Shake Your Moneymaker”. “Can’t Get Next To You” is played like no band I’ve ever heard. There are bonus tracks here not on the original release. Check out “Ubangi Stomp”, and try to keep still. …. Even the intro is good. A must have..
By  Kevin Monahan.
The Nighthawks, at their heart, are a bar band in the best sense of the term — they’re at their best in a live setting. Live at the Psychedelly captures them at their mid-’70s peak, running through standards (“Jail House Rock,” “Hound Dog”) …    Full Descriptionand contemporary rockers (“Can’t Get Next to You,” “Whammer Jammer,” “Tripe Face Boogie”), with fire and energy. The CD reissue includes four bonus tracks recorded at the El Mocambo.
By Thom Owens.
Mark Wenner- Vocals & Harp
Jimmy Thackery- Vocals & Guitar
Jan Zukowski- Bass Guitar
Pete Ragusa- Drums
01. Intro: Josh 1:15
02. Jailhouse Rock 3:22
03. Hound Dog 1:55
04. Can’t Get Next To You 3:20
05. Shake and Fingerpop 9:23
06. Whammer Jammer 2:19
07. Tripe Face Boogie 2:59
08. Nineteen Years Old 8:58
09. Shake Your Moneymaker 8:40
10. Intro 0:21
11. Ubangi Stomp 3:17
12. Mystery Dance 2:15
13. Boppin’ The Blues 3:53
14. Talked To My Baby 5:38
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The Nighthawks – Rock 'n' Roll 1974

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The Nighthawks – Rock ‘n’ Roll 1974
1983 Issue.


Rock ‘N’ Roll, The Nighthawks first album, was recorded at Paragon Studio in Silver Spring, MD. The band went with strong but simple arrangements that covered a variety of musical influences and styles—mostly blues classics along with two contemporary songs. Among the highlights were the Rolling Stones song “Memo to Turner,” Little Feat’s “Teenage Nervous Breakdown,” the soul song “Heatwave” and the rockabilly of “Little Sister.” With the commercial successes of the J. Geils Band and Bonnie Raitt, it seemed like the time was right. And it was a very strong debut that the band basically handed over to Aladdin already complete. It was released in 1974—and it’s still as powerful and engaging now as it was then.
Their first single was the famous Elmore James song “Red Hot Mama,” b/w “Keep Cool,” in 1975. The songs got airplay on WHFS and WEAM in D.C. and praise in music trade publications including Billboard, Downbeat and Record World.
Grew up watching these guys in the DC area. One of the best bar bands in the area. They add new life to such great classics as Can’t Get Next to You, Little Sister and Heat Wave. Not to mention Stop Breaking Down and Memo From Turner. The music is raw and unrefined but than what would you expect for true rock and roll. This is a must for any Jim Thackery/Nighthawks fan.
By David Colby.
A hard-driving DC-based bar band with strong Chicago blues roots. Formed in 1972 by harpist and vocalist Mark Wenner and guitarist Jimmy Thackery, the band earned a reputation as a solid outfit through more than a decade of touring and recording projects with John Hammond and former members of Muddy Waters’s band. Thackery left in 1986, but Wenner regrouped around longtime members Jan Zukowski on bass and Pete Ragusa on drums. Trouble, their 1991 release on Powerhouse, is a blend of blues, R&B, and rock influences, with a typically energetic sound born in thousands of one-night stands across the country. Subsequent efforts include 1993’s live Rock This House, 1996’s Pain & Paradise and 1999’s Still Wild. A collection of live performances in 2001 saw release in the spring of 2002 as Live Tonight.
By Bill Dahl. AMG.
Mark Wenner- (Harmonica),
Jimmy Thackery- (Lead Guitar),
Jan Zukowski- (Bass Guitar),
Pete Ragusa- (Drums).
01. Red Hot Mama (4:14)
02. Can’t Get Next To You (3:41)
03. Keep Cool (3:29)
04. Bring It On Home (3:44)
05. Tell The Truth (3:11)
06. Stop Breakin’ Down (4:46)
07. Shake and Finger Pop (3:00)
08. Bright Lights (3:24)
09. Little Sister (2:55)
10. Heat Wave (3:12)
11. Memo From Turner (4:07)
12. Teenage Nervous Breakdown (2:33)
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