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Tupelo Chain Sex – JaJazz 1983

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Tupelo Chain Sex – JaJazz 1983


In 1982, stand-up bass player “Tupelo” Joe Altruda and drummer, Willy “Wooly” McNeil joined what was then called “a raucous psychobilly outfit.”Lead singer “Limey” Dave (Dave Dahlson), the front man for the group, sported a blue Mohawk, tattoos of Roman soldiers, women’s sunglasses, jeans with the ass cheeks cut out, and was purportedly a narcoleptic.

Graphic artist Art Chantry called Tupelo Chain Sex one of the “… best fucking bands I’ve seen in my life” and compared them to contemporary groups such as Sonic Youth, Hüsker Dü, Butthole Surfers and the Cramps among others.

Critics have had difficulty classifying the music of Tupelo Chain Sex as exemplified by The Miami News noting that “Their music has been called jazz, bop, be-bop, R&B, swing, reggae, country, rock, blues, punk, funk, Latin, mambo, thrash, calypso, salsa, soul, shuffle, skiffle, ska, skank, surf, boogie, jive, dub … and psycho-billy.”

When the group first entered the Los Angeles music scene, the Los Angeles Times called the group “bizarre” and went on to describe them as “an avant-garde rockabilly combo featuring washboard, harmonica and a singer named Limey Dave who sports a Mohawk, shouts dislocated epics like Elvis Presley Meets E.T., and alters his vocals through an echo device.”.In a subsequent review of a live performance, The Times declared that one of the group’s major musical influences appeared to be derived from dada.
The Washington Post called their music a “startling musical synthesis . . . delivered with the visceral force of a punk group, as well as with the tricky tempos and superb solos of a jazz combo.”
SPIN Magazine described the group’s approach to music as a relationship between “Charlie Parker and, say, The Dead Kennedys.” Describing the album Spot the Difference, the reviewer went on to state that the album was “the most eclectic album I’ve heard all year.”
In the wake of critical acclaim following the release of What Is It on the Hollywood Selma label and the wild performances here in California and Arizona, Tupelo Chain Sex felt it was time to get back in the studio and record some more songs. The session was arranged for July 15, 1983, at Wizzard Studios, Hollywood. The line-up was a prodigious assembly of fine musicians.
Sugarcane Harris- Violin
J.J.Poskin – Guitar
Zachar- piano
Limey Dave Dahlson- Vocals
Sim Cass- Harmonica
Tupelo Joe Altruda- Bass
Willie Dred – Drums
Duff- Sax
Mike Pritchard- Marimba
A1. Everyday’s a Holiday
A2. Chainsaw Hornpipe
A3. No Milk Today
A4. Grandfather’s Clock
B1. Homecooking
B2. Justine
B3. Freight Train
B4. White House Rag
B5. Roman Charity

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