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United Jazz+Rock Ensemble – The Break Even Point 1979

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United Jazz+Rock Ensemble – The Break Even Point 1979
Recorded between 12th and 15th April 1979
at Tonstudio Zuckerfabrik, Stuttgart


A pair nice sets from Wolfgang Dauner, Ian Carr, Volker Kriegel, Barbara Thompson, Albert Manglesdorff, Kenny Wheeler and the rest of the excellent United Jazz & Rock Ensemble – Break Even Point from 1979 and The sessions are from different decades, but are similarly timeless and masterfully played. There’s a nice, adventurous groove that’s unafraid of being straight up fun, without sacrificing brilliant compositions. The Break Even Point includes “Boorcert”, “Chateau Sentimental”, “Alfred Schmack”, “Sidewalk”, “Amber”, “One Sin A While” and more. United Live Opus Sechs includes “Garberville”, “Rip Off”, “Some Time In Silence”, “Lady Bountyful” and more.
From Dusty Groove.
The United Jazz And Rock Ensemble was founded in 1975 by pianist Wolfgang Dauner and television director Werner Schretzmeier and, through being featured on a Schretzmeier series, its resulting popularity led the Ensemble to start touring in 1977. Not a fusion band in the usual sense, the United Jazz And Rock Ensemble draws on the technical complexity of jazz and the communicative directness of rock to produce an accessible and rhythmic setting for sophisticated compositions and improvisations.
Arbiter- Autohn Hiseman
Flugelhorn- Ack van Rooyen , Ian Carr , Kenny Wheeler
Gong- Autohn Hiseman
Guitar- Volker Kriegel
Paiste Cymbals- Autohn Hiseman
Piano- Wolfgang Dauner
Saxophone- Barbara Thompson , Charlie Mariano
Sitar- Volker Kriegel
Synthesizer- Wolfgang Dauner
Trombone- Albert Mangelsdorff
Trumpet- Ack van Rooyen , Ian Carr , Kenny Wheeler
Bass- Eberhard Weber
Drums- Autohn Hiseman
A1. Boorcet  6:11
Soli – van Rooyen, Dauner
A2. Chateau Sentimental  5:40
Soli – Kriegel, Mangelsdorff
A3. Sparrhämlingslied  6:08
Soli – van Rooyen, Mangelsdorff
A4. Alfred Schmack  4:44
Soli – Wheeler
B1. Sidewalk  5:34
Soli – Kriegel, Carr
B2. Amber  4:48
Soli – Mariano, Dauner
B3. Song With No Name  6:33
Soli – Carr, van Rooyen, Wheeler, Thompson
B4. One Sin A While  5:26
Soli – Mariano

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