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Walter TROUT Band – Life In The Jungle 1990

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Walter TROUT Band – Life In The Jungle 1990


Albums that combine live and studio tracks can, in some cases, be inconsistent. Some artists are so reliant on studio technology that they fall apart in a live setting; they sound stiff and awkward the minute they take the stage. And on the other hand, some artists are so fond of playing live that they become inhibited in the studio. But there is nothing inconsistent or uneven about Walter Trout’s debut album, Life in the Jungle, a collection of live and studio recordings from 1989; on this release, the blues-rocker is as focused and inspired on-stage as he is in the studio. All of the tracks were recorded in Scandinavian countries; the live performances are from an appearance at the Midtfyn Festival in Denmark on July 2, 1989, while the studio material is from a session in Stockholm, Sweden, on June 21 and July 9 of that year. And in both settings, Trout really shines — the singer/guitarist has no problem going that extra mile on original tunes (including the title song and “Good Enough to Eat”), as well as passionate versions of Jimi Hendrix’s “Red House,” Buddy Guy’s “She’s out There Somewhere,” and John Lee Hooker’s “Serves Me Right to Suffer.” On the latter, Trout shows his appreciation of Canned Heat without allowing his own personality to become obscured. Life in the Jungle, which the German Ruf label reissued on CD in 2002, is blues-rock the way it should be: tough, gritty, rugged, and heartfelt. Not all of Trout’s releases are strong or as consistent as Life in the Jungle, but this is one Trout album that blues-rock enthusiasts will be happy to get their hands on.
By Alex Henderson, All Music Guide.
Walter Trout- (Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica);
Dan Abrams- (Piano, Hammond B-3 Organ);
Jim Trapp- (Bass);
Leroy Larson- (Drums).
01. Good Enough to Eat 4:26
02. The Mountain Song 3:40
03. Life in the Jungle 5:44
04. Spacefish 0:36
05. Red House 9:51
06. She’s Out There Somewhere 4:20
07. Frederica (I Don’t Need You) 4:51
08. In My Mind 4:24
09. Cold Cold Feeling 8:38
10. Serve Me Right to Suffer 7:19
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Walter TROUT and The Radicals – Vegas Live 2006

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Walter TROUT and The Radicals – Vegas Live 2006


In 1994 the official Walter Trout Fan Club for the Netherlands and Belgium was founded, followed in 1996 by the official International Fan Club who has members in 14 countries in Europe, America, Asia and Australia. In 2006 the official International Fan club celebrated its tenth anniversary by giving fan club members an exclusive live CD recorded in Las Vegas, Nevada, which was the last performance of the late bassist, Jimmy Trapp, who died in 2005.
01. Ride ‘Til I’m Satisfied 07:23
02. Sweet As A Flower 08:55
03. Helpin’ Hand 05:02
04. Seems Like A Long Time 10:02
05. Let’s Work Together 07:52
06. I Don’t Want My MTV 05:28
07. Girl From The North Country 07:05
08. Serve Me Right To Suffer 17:55
09. Goin’ Down 08:03

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