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Watermelon SLIM – Big Shoes To Fill 2003

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Watermelon SLIM – Big Shoes To Fill 2003


This is Slim’s first album since his 1973 “Merry Airbrakes.” In short, he was struggling badly at the time of its recording and was definitely not recognized as the blues icon he is today. In my opinion, this is his finest hour musically. He had everything to prove and nothing to lose in a last ditch effort to finally get some exposure on the blues scene. This album is very, very creative and represents the introduction of Slim’s style of music which is completely fresh and exciting in my view. Watermelon is single-handedly revitalizing grass roots music and this album started it all. I think it was the best blues album in 20 years at the time it was released.
Buy this album and enjoy!
By VibroSRV.
Watermelon Slim (his real name is Bill Homans) was born in Boston but raised in North Carolina, where, he says, he was first exposed to the blues at the age of five. He sang in choirs and glee clubs as a child, but he began seriously turning to music after a tour of duty in Vietnam that ended in 1970. He independently released the furiously antiwar album Merry Airbrakes in 1973. Although he has… spent most of his adult life as a blue-collar laborer (mostly as a truck driver), Homans still found a whole lot of time for academia, earning degrees in history and journalism from the University of Oregon and a master’s degree in history from Oklahoma State University. He founded a blues band, Fried Okra Jones, in the late ’90s and has fronted them ever since with his raw, impassioned blues singing, harp playing, and impressive National Steel guitar style (which he plays left-handed). His songs feature subtle, intelligent twists (he is a member of MENSA, after all) while remaining undeniably in the blues tradition. Following a serious heart attack, Watermelon Slim turned his attention full-time to music, releasing two albums on Southern Records, Big Shoes to Fill in 2003 and Up Close & Personal in 2004. Assembling a new band, the Workers, he released the hard-hitting and impressive Watermelon Slim & the Workers in 2006 on the Toronto-based Northern Blues label, following it a year later with The Wheel Man and with No Paid Holidays in 2008.
By Steve Leggett, All Music Guide.
01. Let It Be Memphis     4:05
02. She Makes Me Earn My Money     3:14
03. Shed My Blood in Mississippi     7:13
04. Immortal     3:02
05. Who’s Gonna Pay     6:35
06. Oklahoma Blues     3:38
07. They Call Me Watermelon Slim     5:19
08. WWW     3:27
09. I Got A Problem     7:00
10. Cruisin     3:46
11. Take Off You Masks     4:27
12. Red White & Blues     3:40
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Watermelon SLIM & The WORKERS – Fox Festival 2009

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Watermelon SLIM & The WORKERS – Fox Festival 2009
Blues On The Fox Festival, Aurora, Illinois, USA
June 20, 2009
All Credit Goes To *carzy-tracks*


01. Banter & Intro
02. Hard Times
03. Call My Job
04. I Got A Problem
05. Black Water
06. You’re The one That I Need
07. Truck Driving Mama
08. Blue Freightliner
09. Dumpster Blues
10. Check Writing Woman
11. Archetypal Blues No. 2

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