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Willie BOBO – Spanish Grease 1965

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Willie BOBO – Spanish Grease 1965


In the 60’s, Willie Bobo created a bridge between Popular and Latin music using an ensemble of instruments that included electric bass and guitar and no keyboards. He used Popular songs and transformed them with Latin rhythms to create a truly unique sound. This allowed for an entire industry of songs to be created by many great artists and composers. Using Willie as an inspiration, Santana created many of his signature styles from these early recordings.
By Luis Correa.
Can something recorded nearly fifty years ago sound fresh today? The answer is yes…..and no. Magnificent examples of where the merging of r&b, jazz and latin music were heading, unfortunately pop got in the way. The standout tracks make this album worth the price, you can always skip over the songs that attempted to win over the pop audiences of the time.”Spanish Grease” the original Willie Bobo penned song with its quajira refrain and soulful interplay of English and Spanish, “Hurt So Bad” is one of the few times the recreation of a pop standard works on the album, it’s much better than Little Anthony and The Imperials hit verson of the times, well that and “It’s not Unusual” where Bobo takes a rare lead vocal complete with thick accent English or is that Spanish? It is a fun album, full of latin jazz as it was and even where it shouldn’t have been. A bit of nostalgia, an original blend of cultures on wax that sounds as fresh today as yesterday, if you’re old enough to remember of course. A bargain for latin jazz affionados, a classic timbale band leader brought back to life on album for a listen to a sound that influenced the future of hybrid latin jazz and rock.
By Enrique Torres.
Bass- Jim Phillips , Richard Davis
Congas- Victor Pantoja
Cornet- Melvin Lastie
Guitar- Clarence Henry
Percussion- Willie Bobo
Saxophones- Bobby Brown
A1. Spanish Grease
A2. Hurt So Bad
A3. It’s Not Unusual (Vocal)
A4. Our Day Will Come
A5. Haitian Lady
B1. Blues In The Closet
B2. Nessa
B3. Elation
B4. It’s Not Unusual (Instrumental)
B5. Shot Gun; Blind Man, Blind Man

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