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Woody GUTHRIE – The Very Best of Woody Guthrie 1992

Posted in JAZZ, Woody GUTHRIE on December 9, 2010 by whoisthemonk

Woody GUTHRIE – The Very Best of Woody Guthrie  1992
MCCD 067


Woody Guthrie was a name I knew well before I knew the music. Strangley, I came across his music before I made a connection with his name!
This CD is an open window on the simple recordings of Woody’s raw folk music. Accompanied only by himself on guitar and harmonica the sounds feel very intimate. They are suited best to a cabin or a diner in the American Mid West or an industrial canteen of the 1940s. They would be out of place in a swish concert hall.
This is music which reflects the simple and restrained emotions of the poor of America. Aspirations, fears and feelings of pride all feature in the works. A cerebal listening experience a million miles from muzak! Listen on.
Woody Guthrie has inspired so many artists, it would be remiss to not have him in your collection. The recordings are a little dated, but it takes nothing away from the rawness of the music and the story telling in the lyrics. You can’t help but be reminded of ‘The Grapes of Wrath’ when you listen to this album and you can hear Dylan, Springsteen and Seeger have been influenced by this artist more than any other when they perform their folk and blues music. This is not always an easy listen, but it is always a rewarding one!
01. This Land Is Your Land   2:18
02. Pastures of Plenty   2:25
03. Pretty Boy Floyd   3:10
04. Take a Whiff on Me   2:35
05. Do Re Mi   2:38
06. Put My Little Shoes Away   2:33
07. Washington Talkin’ Blues   3:17
08. Hard Travelin’   2:13
09. Jesus Christ   2:45
10. Whoopee Ti Yi Yo, Get Along Little Dogies   3:02
11. Grand Coulee Dam   2:58
12. A Picture From Life’s Other Side   2:54
13. Talkin’ Hard Luck Blues   3:17
14. Philadelphia Lawyer   2:31
15. I Ain’t Got no Home   2:48
16. The Wreck of the Old ’97   1:51
17. Keep Your Skillet Good and Greasy   2:35
18. Dust Pneumonia Blues   9:12
19. Going Down the Road Feeling Bad   2:48
20. Goodnight Little Arlo (Goodnight Little Darlin’)   3:20
21. So Long It’s Been Good to Know You   3:06

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