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Zed Head – Mortal Man 2011

Posted in BLUES, Zed Head on December 19, 2010 by whoisthemonk

Zed Head – Mortal Man 2011
Will Be Released on February 2011.


Loved the CD. Zed Head reminds me of a mix of Stevie Ray Vaughn and ZZ Top. They sound like they belong on the Avenue in New Orleans, not Ontario. I’ve worked in both bars and stadiums and this sounds like the type of band I’d love to book. They’d draw a big crowd and keep everyone into it all night long.
By Jeremiah McElwain.
Newsflash!! Fall, 2010: The Zed Head entourage leaves for gigs in Texas on the strength of the release of their latest CD, “Zed Head 2”. The team, assembled by the fogman, includes rockin’ Stevie Coombes on the tubs, smooth Dr. Glide on the Mississippi saxiphone, on guitar Dixie’s favourite british blues rock picker, the
illustrious Trevor Luv. And fogman has included on this trip south a very special onstage surprise in the person of one Maggie Roswell—the hottest set of pipes this side of ac/dc and led zeplin. Her onstage performance is nothing short of sizzling—and oh those pipes!

This troupe has a magnificent grasp of the Texas boogie genre. They are looking forward to rocking with the southland in support of their latest CD, Zed Head 2. The band appears in Marshall TX for a “party in the square” Oct 7, and back by popular demand, they are headlining the festivities in Jefferson, TX at Auntie Skinners on October 8 – 9 from 9 p.m. till closing. This event is one we can hardly wait to get there and party with all of our Southern friends and family!!

A busy summer schedule has seen Zed Head appearing live at festivals, motorcycle rallys, and clubs all over Ontario as well as extensive time in the studio in preparation for Zed Head CD #3. An announcement is pending after talks with a major European record company involving plans for future Zed Head releases. Tunage from the Zed Head CD, Texas Cufflinks and Zed Head #2 (new release) has been heard on both radio and TV broadcasts internationally. Along with the musical endeavours, the fogman and other Zed Head alumni have appeared on episodes of “Outlaw Bikers,” “Biker TV,” as well as movies, and documentaries (look for Alice Cooper’s new vampire movie, “Suck.”) The Zed Head catalogue/songs have been featured on motorcycle related television including history channel and national geographic.

Zed Head is looking forward to a roaring good time while in the land of Dixie, and afterward, planning an exciting return to a busy fall schedule. Hey LOOK for us! Be sure to catch Zed Head at a concert, club or television appearance near you or at least as close as your boob tube or My Space!! Cheers
The Canadian band ZED HEAD is a 3 piece band sings mostly about Harleys, cars and women. Not much new under the sun but the blues shows in which direction the music goes. Many classic blues-rock riffs, Boogie Woogie Texas, Southern Rock and Rock and Roll Blues Boogie, like ZZ Top doing this for years and years, with much success.
ZED HEAD Mortal Man’s debut CD, released in February 2011, is a very very pleasant surprise. This is one of the best southern rock CD’s I’ve heard in recent years. What a great album. You would expect such a class record of a band from the Deep South of the USA but not from Canada and still is!
Most songs are original songs with texts by bassist Johnny Burkitt. Guitarist and harmonica player Neil Chapman Smilin Bob Adams complete the band. Drummers are hired at the shows. This CD is the drummer on most tracks Terry Martell.
As for me after several times listening to this album immediately noticed: There is no weak song, all songs are great. The steam, rocks, and bluest from start to finish. Delicious greasy, not sitting still blues-rock a la ZZ TOP in its best days.
The voice of Burkitt is very pleasant to the ear, often between talking and singing as Tony Joe White does. Wonderful. Also I heard our own Bintangs riffs AC / DC riffs, all thrown together in a steaming southernbluesrockpot!
All fans of ZZ Top, Allman Brothers Band, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Tony Joe White, Cream, Molly Hatchet, etc. My advice: BUY!
Unfortunately, it was only in February 2011, but the wait pays off!
By Johan Kox, Andre Wittebroek.
Neil Chapman- Vocal, Guitar
Fog Johnny Burkitt- Bass, Vocal, Tambourine
Smilin´ Bob Adams- Harp
and more… (On Pic#3)
01. Texas Twister
02. Fast Ford Freddy
03. Shotgun
04. Mortal man
05. Vooddo Love
06. Cheapseats
07. Cock Of The Rock
08. Good Lovin
09. Front Porch
10. The Big Smoke
11. Till I lost You
12. Electraglide
13. Nice To Love You
14. Kickstart

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