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ZZ Top – One Foot In The Blues 1994

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ZZ Top – One Foot In The Blues 1994


Old man sleepin’ the hot day away,
While he dreams a thousand yesterdays.
’cause he’s had so many come his way.
All he cares about is somewhere to lay his head tomorrow.

Old man sits and thinks about his home.
Doesn’t matter ’cause he’s all alone.
What he’d give to get back on his own.
Curses his body ’cause it’s old and it gives no transportation.
He sits in his one room shack alone but it provides no consolation.

What a shame,
His time is nearin’.
His eyes won’t let him see
The skies are clearin’.
Someone tells him
Without his hearin’.
It’s no news to those who’ve been around
While things are changin’.
01.Brown Sugar 5:20
02.Just Got Back from Baby’s 4:09
03.A Fool for Your Stockings 4:16
04.I Need You Tonight 6:15
05.She Loves My Automobile 2:23
06.Hi Fi Mama 2:24
07.Hot, Blue and Righteous 3:17
08.My Head’s in Mississippi 4:20
09.Lowdown in the Street 2:49
10.If I Could Only Flag Her Down 3:39
11.Apologies to Pearly 2:44
12.Sure Got Cold After the Rain Fell 6:47
13.Bar-B-Q 3:21
14.Old Man 3:32
15.Certified Blues 3:25
16.2000 Blues 4:42
17.Heaven, Hell or Houston 2:32
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ZZ Top – Pine Knob 1980

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ZZ Top – Pine Knob 1980
April 15th, 1980 – Clarkston, MI
Bootleg – Soundboard


Billy Gibbons- Guitar, Vocals
Dusty Hill- Bass, Vocals
Frank Beard- Drums
01. I Thank You 3:29
02. Waitin’ For The Bus 2:41
03. Jesus Just Left Chicago 4:50
04. Precious & Grace 2:44
05. Francine 3:12
06. I’m Bad, I’m Nationwide 4:21
07. Manic Mechanic 4:48
08. Heard It On The X 2:57
09. Fool For Your Stockings 7:33
10. Nasty Dogs & Funky Kings 3:52
11. Barefootin’ 3:21
12. Cheap Sunglasses 4:36
13. Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers 3:04
14. La Grange-Sloppy Drunk-BBQ Medley 8:04
15. She Loves My Automobile 2:39
16. Hi-Fi Mama 3:25
17. Tush 2:47

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ZZ Top – The Best Blues & Ballads 2004

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ZZ Top – The Best Blues & Ballads 2004


Suppose.. nothing left to say, just another goodie for your collection…
01. Intro By Ross Mitchell
02. 36-22-36
03. Blue Jean Blues
04. 2000 Blues
05. A Food Your Stocking
06. Apologies To Pearly
07. Brown Sugar
08. Old Man
09. Cover Your Rig
10. Just Got Back From Baby’s
11. I Need You Tonight
12. She Loves My Automobiles
13. My Head’s In Mississippi
14. La Grange
15. Hi Fi Mama
16. Lowdown In The Street
17. Hot Blue And Rightehous
18. Vincent Price Blues
19. (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear
20. Breakaway
21. Heawen, Hell Or Houston

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ZZ Top – ZZ Top's First Album 1970

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ZZ Top – ZZ Top’s First Album 1970
PS 584


ZZ Top’s First Album may not be perfectly polished, but it does establish their sound, attitude, and quirks. Simply put, it’s a dirty little blues-rock record, filled with fuzzy guitars, barrelhouse rhythms, dirty jokes, and Texan slang. They have a good, ballsy sound that hits at gut level, and if the record’s not entirely satisfying, it’s because they’re still learning how to craft records — which means that they’re still learning pacing as much as they’re learning how to assemble a set of indelible material. Too much of this record glides by on its sound, without offering any true substance, but the tracks that really work — “(Somebody Else Been) Shaking Your Tree,” “Backdoor Love Affair,” “Brown Sugar,” and “Goin’ Down to Mexico,” among them — show that from their very first record on, ZZ Top was that lil’ ol’ blues band from Texas.
By Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide.
A1. (Somebody Else Been) Shaking Your Tree   2:29
A2. Brown Sugar   5:22
A3. Squank   2:49
A4. Goin’ Down to Mexico   3:23
A5. Old Man   3:32
B1. Neighbor, Neighbor   2:19
B2. Certified Blues   3:28
B3. Bedroom Thang   3:53
B4. Just Got Back From Baby’s   4:14
B5. Backdoor Love Affair   2:42

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